Why Should I Hire a Professional Freelance Designer?

The benefits and advantages of working as a team

Designing your own book and promotional items can be a fun and rewarding process, however it may not always be the best choice for authors and small publishers.

There are many details that go into properly formatting a book; details which, if not knowledgeably addressed, can result in an unprofessional appearance. These can include book size and shape, improper page numbering, poorly-balanced or inadequate margins, inappropriate font choices (style, size and formatting)—not to mention potential technical errors. And that’s just for the interior pages. Creating an effective and professional-looking book cover, business card, or advertisement—or producing a technically-sound and attractive ebook—is a whole other matter unto itself.

It may be tempting to tackle all of the work in producing your own book or promotional tools to reduce costs and retain control, but consider some of the advantages of hiring a professional designer…

Hiring a freelance designer for your book and promotional item design has many advantages over the DIY approach:

Years of Training

A professional designer has the experience necessary to know what goes into good design, as well as what the standard conventions are to format your book properly. Your work will therefore look conventionally published, helping you avoid the negative stereotypes often associated with self-published books. It doesn’t hurt to have a professional, more polished-looking set of promotional items to hand out, either.

Save Time and Money

Writing and marketing your book is already a full-time job (or two) in itself, so your time is likely in short supply already. Letting someone else handle the nitty-gritty of your book’s presentation—or the design and production of your marketing materials—allows your hard work and message to really shine without having to clone yourself to get the job done! You can also trust your designer to prepare your files properly for print and digital use, helping you avoid potentially costly problems down the road.

Improve Sales

It pays off in the long run to give your book the professional treatment, particularly if profits are a goal for your book. Consider it an investment that will pay dividends in better sales. Or, if your goals are measured in readership, having a well-designed and attractive book will improve the odds that your book gets picked up and read, and your message shared via word-of-mouth.

Confidence Boost

Just like attending an interview in your best attire, having a professional-looking book encourages others to take you seriously, and will give you a confidence boost to help you market your book more effectively.

What Digital Dragon Designery Can Do For You

I have over 12 years experience in the graphic design industry, and can offer authors and publishers many benefits:

Book and cover specialist. From working in a fast-paced publishing house on hundreds of titles, to teaming up with specialty publishers and independent authors, I’ve refined my book design skills on a wide variety of genres and topics, gaining extensive knowledge regarding best practices.

Marketing experience. I’ve also spent a few years working with advertising agencies, familiarizing myself with what goes into crafting more effective and targeted advertising, marketing and branding campaigns.

Clean and elegant design. I’m a strong proponent of a fresh and modern creative style that elevates your message, while politely stepping back to allow your words to speak for themselves.

Strong technical advantage. I’m not just a right-brained creative thinker; I’m also a detail-oriented, left-brained taskmaster! I’ve worked closely with printers and learned an extensive amount of HTML/CSS. I pride myself on delivering rock-solid printable files and ebooks for hassle-free production and distribution.

Personal attention. I take extra care to maintain a manageable project/client list, so you’ll always receive prompt, completely personalized and attentive service directly from me. I can provide you with a level of comfort and satisfaction throughout the entire process that a larger or lower-cost operation typically can’t offer.

Most importantly, I love what I do and who I work with! I enjoy working with authors and publishers who are excited about bringing their work to the world (particularly if for the first time), and look forward to sharing in their enthusiasm!

Add Me to Your Publishing Team

The book publishing industry is a highly competitive market—if your book can’t rise above the clamor and get noticed due to a lacklustre or untargeted presentation, you risk losing valuable exposure and sales. If you’d like to discuss how I can become a part of your publishing team, don’t hesitate to get in touch!