Ebook Design and Layout

Page design and output for the text of your ebook

Ebook design services are available for the following types of ebooks:

  • Fiction (e.g. novels, novellas, chap books, fantasy, sci-fi, mysteries)
  • Non-fiction (e.g. business books, self-help, cookbooks)

Ebooks can be output for reflowable EPUB and .mobi (Kindle) formats, or PDF (for complex, static layouts).


What’s Involved in an Ebook Design Project?

I offer customized ebook design services for a more attractive, professional look for your digital book than that which a one-click conversion typically offers. Relative font sizes, spacing, margins and more can all be custom-tweaked for a more unique and aesthetically-pleasing presentation of any ebook. Embedded fonts (for headings) and use of decorative images can also be incorporated for more advanced devices that support these customizations (note: the design still supports user-defined font sizes and reflow). The result is a professionally laid out ebook interior that rivals—and even surpasses—commercially-produced offerings on reading devices. It’s ideal for books with a more graphical layout, allowing for formatting of more complex elements like tables, callouts and images, which many automated conversions cannot handle. However, even general fiction books can benefit from attractive graphical flourishes on chapter starts, custom heading fonts, etc.

For highly graphical books with a very specific style and look that cannot allow for text reflow, I also offer PDF creation. This process results in a static layout identical in style to a printed book, for viewing on iPads and computers. Please note I do not offer fixed-layout EPUBs/Kindle files at this time.

Normally, the same designer who designs your ebook’s interior pages also designs the ebook cover for a consistent look. However, I also offer ebook design as a standalone service for authors who already have an ebook cover. For ebooks with custom heading styles, the creative style in any existing cover artwork will be matched for the design of the interior text.


What’s Included in an Ebook Design Project?

You will receive highly personalized and attentive service to assist you in the production of your ebook’s content pages.

All custom ebook page design projects begin with discussion of your manuscript, your goals, and a couple initial concepts to decide on a design direction. This is followed by complete CSS style formatting and output of your entire ebook in the design sample you choose, for previewing and checking on the device(s) of your choice. Where appropriate, all links in your ebook (e.g. Table of Contents entries, Endnotes etc.) will be cross-linked, so returning to the previous spot in the text is a breeze for your readers. A limited number of revision rounds are included at both the initial concept and post output stages (extra rounds permitted and subject to hourly rate; content revisions should be performed prior to the start of the project).

Final deliverables consist of a fully validated and distribution-ready file (EPUB, .mobi, or PDF), sent to you directly to upload to your vendor (iBooks, Amazon, Kobo etc.). Source files can also be released for an extra fee. Note: Applying digital rights management or other security measures are the responsibility of the author or vendor distributing the ebook, and are not provided by the Designery.

You will be given full rights to the book’s page design for an unlimited online distribution of that title. Credit will be acknowledged to myself as the design artist only (normally on the copyright page).

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