Cover Design (Print Books and Ebooks)

Design and typesetting for your book cover

Cover design, layout and typesetting services are available for the following types of books:

  • Fiction (e.g. novels, novellas, chap books, fantasy, sci-fi, mysteries)
  • Non-fiction (e.g. guidebooks, manuals, self-help, cookbooks)
  • Children’s books (e.g. full-colour, paperback or hardcover)
  • Coffee table books (e.g. photo books, art books)
  • Tabletop game guides and manuals


What’s Involved with a Cover Design Project?

This is arguably the most important reason for which to have a professional designer work on your book. Using research and discussion about your book’s theme and audience, we’ll work together with text and stock imagery (or your own photos) to produce a cover for your printed book and/or ebook that gets noticed and accurately conveys the spirit of your work. The result is a professionally laid out book cover comparable to a traditionally-published title.

Normally, the same designer who designs the book cover also designs the interior pages for a consistent look. However, I also offer cover design as a standalone service for authors who already have their book’s interior designed. In this case I would create a cover that matches the style of the existing interior design for your book.


What’s Included in a Book Cover Design Project?

You will receive highly personalized and attentive service to assist you in the production of your book’s cover.

All book cover design projects begin with discussion of your manuscript, your goals, and two or three distinct initial concepts (hand-drawn sketches or rough stock image composites) to decide on a design direction. This is followed by the purchase of any required stock imagery, final artwork creation, layout and typesetting of your cover in the design sample you choose. A limited number of revision rounds are included at both the initial concept and post layout stages (extra rounds permitted and subject to hourly rate).

Final deliverables consist of a high resolution printable PDF uploaded directly to your printer, or suitable quality JPGs sent to you for inclusion in your ebook and/or online stores. You will also receive a low-res JPG and 3D product shot of your cover for promotional use. For printed covers, a copy of the print-ready PDF is also provided to you via online transfer through Dropbox, YouSendIt or a similar service. Source files can be released for an extra fee.

You will be given full rights to the book’s cover design for an unlimited print run or digital distribution of that title. Credit will be acknowledged to myself as the design artist only (normally on your copyright page or back cover).

Ready to Get Started?

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