Book Design and Layout (Print)

Page design and typesetting for the interior of your book
Interior page design and typesetting/layout services are available for the following types of books:

  • Fiction (e.g. novels, novellas, chap books, fantasy, sci-fi, mysteries)
  • Non-fiction (e.g. guidebooks, manuals, self-help, cookbooks)
  • Children’s books (e.g. full-colour, paperback or hardcover)
  • Coffee table books (e.g. photo books, art books)
  • Tabletop game guides and manuals

What’s Involved in Book Design and Layout?

This process involves designing a consistent and attractive look for all the elements and sections inside your book: from headers to chapter starts, open spreads and front matter, font type and styles, to image size and placement. Everything that goes into your book’s inside pages are thoughtfully considered and laid out in a fashion suitable to your book’s genre, content and audience. The result is a professionally laid out book interior comparable to a traditionally-published product.

Normally, the same designer who designs the interior pages also designs the book cover for a consistent look. I offer page design as a standalone service for authors who already have a cover, or as part of a complete package. In many cases, the creative style in any existing cover artwork will be matched for the design of the interior.

What’s Included in a Book Design and Layout Project?

You will receive highly personalized and attentive service to assist you in the production of your book’s interior pages. All book interior layout projects begin with discussion of your manuscript, your goals, and a couple initial concepts to decide on a design direction. This is followed by complete layout and typesetting of your entire manuscript in the design sample you choose. A limited number of revision rounds are included at both the initial concept and post layout stages (extra rounds permitted and subject to hourly rate). Final deliverables consist of a high resolution printable PDF uploaded directly to your print service provider. A copy of the PDF is also provided to you via online transfer through Dropbox, YouSendIt or a similar service. Source files can be released for an extra fee. You will be given full rights to the book’s page design for an unlimited print run of that title. Credit will be acknowledged to myself as the design artist only (normally on the copyright page).

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