It’s been many months in the making (and even more time in planning), but I’m happy to announce the Designery has a fully revamped site design—complete with a more detailed and updated portfolio. Oh, and it actually has a much more clearly targeted message/audience this time around.

What’s that, you say? Well, considering how outdated my portfolio was—I’m pretty sure Barack Obama had recently been elected the last time I updated—it was a perfect opportunity to revisit the site’s message and branding to be sure it was still clear in its purpose. [Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.]

I originally started my own design business to produce professional book interiors and covers for self-publishing authors, businesses, independent publishers, etc. Over time, I added quite a few non-book-related services to my repertoire to serve more of the general design market—so much so that it began to feel like I’d lost focus and couldn’t clearly describe what I do or who my services are for. “I design… stuff! For people!” was about the most accurate—and articulate—thing I could think to say when asked about my services in recent years. To which the understandable reply was often a somewhat unenthused: “Oh. That’s nice.” Given my crippling fear of public speaking and having to talk about me or my business at all (maybe I should have read the “entrepreneur” definition a little more clearly!), effective self-promotion wasn’t getting any easier without a clear sense of goals and direction.

I do know I enjoy designing books [almost!] as much as reading them, and would love to be doing many more of them going forward. I also greatly enjoy delivering all manner of graphic design services for print and digital media, and will continue to do so; but perhaps more as part of a comprehensive package. So, after some research and planning, I’ve now ensured my brand’s focus is loud and clear: I want to be the go-to person to help people build better books, and market them more effectively. So when asked what I do, my answer is not simply “I make books, postcards, banner ads… you know, everything you can print or put on the web.” Now, it’s “I do professional-quality book and cover design for authors and publishers—and here’s these awesome matching sets of posters and direct mail pieces that advertise their latest books!” It’s perhaps a bit of a semantic thing, but it makes all the difference when trying to advertise a quality, cohesive set of services (and attract new clientele effectively).

So, welcome all clients, new and old, to the improved Designery experience. I hope to make your next publishing venture an exciting and enjoyable one!